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“A Course in Loving Touch for New and Growing Families” 

Learn Infant Massage from Mama G, The Baby Whisperer

This course is designed to orient new parents to the art of infant massage and the benefits of early touch that are practiced with confidence by Mom’s and Dad’s or a significant other.  The 5-hour class will include hands-on massage demonstration and instruction, informative and effective parenting tips for the new family. Breaks and snacks are provided to attend to babies needs. Each class is limited to 4 families to provide an intimate environment in Mama G’s Lakewood Home Studio.

The Following Topics Will Be Addressed and Shared:

Benefits of Infant Massage for the Entire Family, including Cranial Sacral Massage

Baby’s Birth Experience: Vaginal birth or Cesarean birth

Breastfeeding and Baby’s Intraoral Considerations (tongue-tip or lip-tip)

Medical Concerns and Post-birth Needs of the Baby and Mother

The Colicky Baby: What’s Underneath the Discomfort?

The Emotional, Physical, Maternal and Social Needs of Mom

The Communication Needs of Dad and Significant Others

Bonding and the Joys of Conscious Connections

The Early Months and What First-Time Parents Can Expect

Tummy Time and Playing on the Floor

How to Interact at Your Baby’s Level and Become his/her Cheerleader

Myths and Facts

Best Massage Products: Coconut or Grapeseed Oil

Review the Baby Stokes in the Handout (demonstration & instruction)

Review the Colick Routine (demonstration & instruction)

Connect with the Baby with Intent to do a Full Body Massage

Receive a Complementary Journal to Record Your Experiences at Home

About Couples Therapy

The Gift of Touch is measurable when introduced to newborns and infants upon arrival. The most important benefit is the newborn’s brain development. When babies are touched in a loving way, communication to the brain is significant. Massage helps speed myelination of the neuron sheaths in the brain. This supports the babies’ ability to process information efficiently while the world unfolds around them. Bonding occurs between the baby and parents through massage. It stimulates and releases the cuddle hormones and this chemical exchange can help mom’s who are experiencing post-partum issues.

Thank you for stepping into this class. You will see the effects immediately as your baby begins to explore his/her world with a sense of wonder and calm.

Investment:  $225.00 (All forms of payment excepted.)

Contact Gina Simpson, Mama G at 303-913-1795 or for details and class schedules.  Or Book the Course if this how she wants to be contacted for the course.

Interested in a gift certificate for new parents?   Go Here.

“Mama G took such good care of both me and my daughter when instructing infant massage.  The atmosphere and energy were so calm and welcoming. I massage my daughter daily and she loves it!!  I highly recommend Mama G to any new parent!”

Taylor C. (First-time parent learning Infant Massage)